We offer visionary thoughts and ideas a fertile ground so that they can accelerate their power in the economy and society.

We are an independant and interdisciplinary community consisting of scholarship holders and alumni of 13 gifted education organizations in Germany. We make our knowledge and experience commercially usable for our members and offer them access to a multidisciplinary network of experts.

Our Network

SUN Members

Whether you are interested in the topic of innovation and startups, have a startup idea or are already a startup – at SUN you have access to a unique network of high potentials and a culture of trust that you will value.

SUN Conveying Member

Tailored to your needs, we offer you three membership options. Whether you are looking for talented employees, want to increase your corporate social responsibility, or the innovative spirit of your company. We organize joint workshops, events and provide access to a network of high potentials.

SUN Activities

Our activities range from meetups, workshops and events to regular trips to startup cities around the world. Our activities will allow you to exchange ideas and knowledge with other members and inspirational initiators of the startup world.


Danke für Dein Interesse! Wir melden uns umgehend bei dir.


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